We’re excited about our new, PE Growth Ignitor, a joint venture with Brantley Davidson and his team at Prometheus to help PE firms expedite ROI post-purchase and achieve more sustainable growth faster and earlier. Connect with us to learn more.

Our mission

Our mission is to recruit P&L and GTM leaders who drive  profitable and sustainable growth for our client companies. 

Our unique model

We’ve built a unique model to help our clients achieve a significantly higher probability of business success. Our partnership with Prometheus seamlessly integrates executive recruiting with sophisticated go-to-market expertise to ensure our clients have the best growth strategy AND the best executive to lead that strategy.  

Our clients

We serve investor-led middle market companies that sell directly to consumers and small businesses; most often branded multi-channel and multi-unit services or niche consumer products.

Sector Expertise

  • Consumer Services: Consumer Healthcare, Home Services, Fitness, Education, Veterinary Care, etc.
  • Retail/e-Commerce/Hospitality
  • Consumer Products: Beauty, Personal Care, Fashion, Consumer Goods

Functional Expertise

  • Marketing: Chief Marketing Officers and their team leaders: Brand, Performance and Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Automation, Brand and Corporate Communications
  • General Management: CEOs, Division Presidents
  • Corporate Communications
  • Operations: COOs, SVPs/VPs of Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Sourcing

Our Core Values

Our core values drive our process, relationships and, ultimately, our success.

  • Rigor: We roll up our sleeves to deliver a rigorous, efficient, and when appropriate, creative approach to identifying and attracting the right talent.
  • Agility: We start with a thoughtful strategy but stay nimble to deliver results quickly and help our clients take advantage of learnings from the market and unforeseen opportunities.
  • Momentum: We actively manage searches to maintain momentum which is crucial to keeping candidates and internal stakeholders informed and engaged.
  • Reputation: We represent our clients to candidates in the most professional and direct manner, and we work to ensure positive candidate experiences regardless of search outcomes. We know that every interaction impacts our reputation and those of our clients.
  • Transparency: Our disciplined, transparent and collaborative process provides our clients with a complete view of the market and helps them confidently make the right hires.